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Becoming a Fire Safe Council

MySafe:LA was honored to join LAFD Fire Chief Kristen Crowley, and Council District 11’s Traci Park, in recognizing the Brentwood Homeowner’s Association as a Fire Safe Council. “The Brentwood community is at significant risk of wildfire,” said MySafe:LA Executive Director David Barrett. “The active work being done to reduce the threat from wildfire has been outstanding on the part of the BHA leadership, and we’re excited to be assisting them as they move their resiliency efforts forward.

The recognition of becoming a Fire Safe Council is essentially step two in a must-step process. Now that the recognition has taken place, the BHA must work with individual homeowners to reduce the ignitability of their homes through “home hardening,” and “defensible space.” MySafe:LA is in the process of updating the 5-year threat assessment in Brentwood and will work to identify multiple types of risks within the community as our working relationship continues.

There are a number of other homeowner’s associations within striking distance of being recognized as Fire Safe Councils as well. MySafe:LA hopes to recognize at least a dozen such entities as Fire Safe Councils in 2024. To learn more about the process, visit our wildfire website.

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