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Fire Education in L.A. Elementary Schools

MySafe:LA is expanding its Junior Fire Marshal initiative, in partnership with The Hartford Foundation and First Alert. Our public safety members visit LAUSD elementary schools and teach students about fire safety in the home. “We love reaching students at the elementary grade levels,” said MySafe:LA Commander David Barrett. “They’re so receptive to the key messages shared, and they clearly take what we teach them home to educate their family members. It’s one of the most rewarding things we do.”

The program typically involves two visits: the first being an educational presentation, complete with graphical slides and multiple short videos. Students are given “homework” to take home as they evaluate their home’s conditions. The second visit provides fire helmets, ID cards, and a visit from their local firefighters. Each school receives a series of materials to supplement core educational messages to the entire campus.

MySafe:LA has been teaching students in elementary schools for 14 years. More than 420,000 students have been through the various MySafe:LA programs as of September 20, 2023.

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