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Other Threats

Los Angeles is subject to more natural disaster and man made threats than nearly any other major city in the United States. Learn how to protect yourself and your family.

It isn't just fires and earthquakes that threaten people living in Los Angeles

MySafe:LA wants you to be feel as secure as possible when it comes to safety both at home and when traveling throughout the city. These articles may provide you with the information you need to have confidence about the safety of you, your kids, your pets, and your extended family.

Severe Storms

As our climate continues to evolve, the potential for severe storms is increasing in the greater Los Angeles region. In August of 2023, a destructive tropical storm ended up directly over Los Angeles. As Angelenos, it's important for all of us to be better prepared.

Water Safety

Kids drown without making a sound. Understand the risks, and how to keep kids safe near or in water. Learn CPR!

Burn Prevention

Most burns occur in the home. Nearly all of these tragic accidents can be prevented. Burn scars are not wanted by anyone.

Kitchen Safety

Most home fires start in the kitchen. Leaving the fire on, grease in a pan, or just forgetting things can ignite disaster.

Older Adult Safety

People over the age of 55 are twice as likely to die in a house fire. Understanding how to remain safe at home can save a life.

Check Out All Resources For Other Threats

When a disaster strikes, the best way to survive is to have prepared in advance. MySafe:LA maintains a collection of resources that can help you in your mission to create a safer home.

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