Do you need smoke alarms? Learn more today!
Do you need smoke alarms? Learn more today!

Our work

MySafe:LA is a non-profit organization delivering fire prevention and disaster readiness to at-risk people, resulting in a more resilient community.

Our work saves lives

Smoke alarms save lives. CO detectors save lives. Disaster training saves lives. Being prepared saves lives.

Kids are our heros

We teach kids to bring fire and disaster safety messages home to their parents. They believe in being prepared.

Firefighters are our partners

We partner with firefighters to visit with our kids, and to introduce us when we’re working in at-risk communities.

Training for Firefighters

Our award winning training/media team develops "in service" training materials to keep firefighters safe.

Building a more resilient Los Angeles



Meet the people who lead us in our journey of building a better Los Angeles



We don’t operate in a silo. Meet the people who share their expertise. 

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