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Help your local community to be better prepared when the unexpected occurs

Your gift helps people to be prepared before the fire, the earthquake, the cardiac arrest, or the unexpected disaster that lurks just around the corner. There’s no better time to support your neighbors, the people who are struggling to make ends meet, or the children who don’t have a permanent place to call home.

This is what support looks like – and this is what MySafe:LA does. We teach 4th and 5th grade students to take life saving messages home to their parents, or the adults who are caring for them.

We teach older adults how to stay safe in their homes and apartments, what to prepare for, and how to live safety, avoiding kitchen fires, falls, or other disasters every senior is concerned about. We provide them with FREE emergency “GO” bags that contain useful items they’ll need if they ever have to evacuate.

We visit homes in at-risk neighborhoods, installing FREE smoke alarms and FREE CO detectors. We teach families how to escape a fire, how to properly tell 911 the details of their emergency, and where to meet safety away from the fire.

We cannot do this work without your support. There isn’t another organization that does what MySafe:LA does, and we’ve got more than a decade of experience and a growing and glowing track record. Consider becoming part of our solutions team with a gift today.


MySafe:LA will use the gift you provide to ensure our educators have proper protective equipment, that our work with older adults includes providing them with GO bags and life saving education. Finally, your generous gift will help us inspect homes of those people most at risk, and allow us to provide them with free smoke alarms, CO detectors, and escape plans and training – giving them double the chance of escaping a house fire alive. Every dollar counts, and we’re grateful for your support.

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