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What is Community Risk Reduction?

Community Risk Reduction (CRR) is a fairly new concept in disaster resilience and is a process that starts with analysis, including the identification and prioritization of risks, threats, and hazards. This analysis is followed by the implementation and evaluation of strategies to lessen the impact of the identified threats. CRR was conceived by a former Fire Marshal in Vancouver, Washington. It has evolved significantly since its early days, and is now an active component of fire prevention, evaluation, and mitigation in fire departments throughout North America.

MySafe:LA has been at the forefront of CRR since the organization’s inception in 2008.  In fact,  MySafe:LA has twice been recognized as a “model performance in CRR” by the project that manages the overall CRR mission, Vision 20/20. MySafe:LA helped the Los Angeles City Fire Department in developing a strategy for CRR in 2015, and today is expanding on that working relationship. We are now engaged with all four “Geo Bureaus” within the LAFD to deliver quality CRR results.

MySafe:LA utilizes all aspects of targeting a community or risk, developing an analysis of that risk, and then developing a strategy and supporting tactics to reduce the threat, along with metrics that define the improvements made.

Our focus on CRR extends beyond the original concept of making homes safer via the installation of smoke alarms – and is now included in our wildfire, school safety, fireworks, CPR, EOC, and even homelessness evaluations. To learn more, visit the CRR section of our website.

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