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MySafe:LA takes no money from fire departments. The work we perform compliments the service delivered by fire agencies. Our funds come from grants and gifts. To reach our maximum potential, we also partner with a variety of entities, creating a stronger effort, and recognized results. Our partners and contributors give us the fuel to engage with our community. Talk to us about becoming a partner or contributor today.

Our Supporters


The FireHouse:50 is a dedicated group of individuals who want to give back to the communities they call home. For successful men and women who have defined their careers in Los Angeles, the FireHouse:50 is the ideal vehicle for contributing to fire safety and resilience education and readiness. Limited to a maximum of 50 individuals, membership provides an essential lifeline between those in need and MySafe:LA.


FEMA, via its Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program has been a strong supporter of MySafe:LA’s efforts to reduce loss of life and injuries due to fires in homes, as well as other fire safety initiatives. Since 2001, AFG has helped firefighters and other first responders to obtain critically needed equipment, protective gear, emergency vehicles, training and other resources needed to protect the public and emergency personnel from fire and related hazards.


The California Community Foundation has generously supported the MySafe:LA mission, specifically in our efforts to promote wildfire safety and preparedness. Our efforts extend beyond the basic “Ready, Set, Go” directives, and help people to understand how to protect their homes, possessions, pets, and people from the ravages of wildfire – an ever present threat to most of the Los Angeles region. CCF is a public, charitable organization dedicated to strengthening communities of Los Angeles County through effective philanthropy and civic engagement.


MySafe:LA has utilized grant funds from the Ahmanson Foundation to support our CPR education initiatives in LAUSD high schools. Today, our CPR programs are essential, as California Assembly Bill 1719 requires a CPR course for students who wish to graduate from high school. By supporting non-profit organizations that demonstrate sound fiscal management, efficient operation, and program integrity, the Ahmanson Foundation strives to enhance the quality of life and cultural legacy of Los Angeles.


MySafe:LA has received multiple grants from the Ralph M Parsons foundation during the past decade. Since 1978, the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation’s grant awards have helped Southern California’s nonprofit organizations (such as MySafe:LA) improve the broad fabric of the entire community. Funding from the Parsons Foundation has supported our work with older adults and those in at-risk neighborhoods in Los Angeles.


MySafe:LA and First Alert®/BRK® Brands have collaborated on fire safety since 2012. BRK Brands designs and develops innovative safety solutions including a comprehensive line of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers and escape ladders to protect what matters most. MySafe:LA has installed tens of thousands of Fire Alert smoke alarms into homes in the greater Los Angeles region.


The Automobile Club of Southern California is a leader in multiple disciplines regarding public safety. With a defined focus on traffic safety, pedestrian safety, as well as support for culture and the arts. The AAA is a leader in supporting unique fire and life safety programs such as those developed and presented by MySafe:LA. Funding from the AAA has been used for development of PSAs that support disaster preparedness in Los Angeles.


The Motorola Solutions Foundation is the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions. With employees located around the globe, Motorola Solutions seeks to benefit the communities where it operates. The company achieves this by making strategic grants, forging strong community partnerships and fostering innovation. The Public Safety grant program targets programs that provide safety education and training programs including MySafe:LA.


The Hartford Foundation is focused on improving the life safety and cultural evolution of people living in the United States. MySafe:LA has utilized grant funds from The Hartford to expand our elementary school fire safety presentations to include 3rd grade students, as well as to promote live presentations by LAFD firefighters. Through philanthropic programs, increased volunteerism and Hartford employees’ continued generosity, the insurance industry giant is using its resources to positively impact the lives of 10 million people by year-end 2022.


The first grant ever received from MySafe:LA was provided by the late William “Bill” Rolland. He recognized the vision presented of a safer, more resilient Los Angeles, and moved to support our efforts with multiple grants. During his time as a firefighter, Bill gave meaning to the word dedication. During the Mandeville Canyon mudslides of 1969, he was buried alive while attempting to save the life of former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan’s brother. Rolland spent weeks recovering in the hospital, and later received the Medal of Valor. He passed away in 2020, and is fondly remembered for his devotion to the MySafe:LA mission.


E-Access is focused on issues related to public safety and the impact of vision challenges for the at-risk and elderly. MySafe:LA has utilized grant funds from E-Access to support our older adult fire awareness and prevention presentations, as well and the distribution of “GO” bags filled with life safety materials to be used in the event a person must evacuate from their home.


Under the leadership of the California Fire Alliance — an effective networking group of federal, state, and local fire agencies — it was decided that the California Fire Safe Council should facilitate a more efficient way to get federal fire prevention and mitigation funding to local communities. We were tasked with developing and maintaining an online, “one-stop shop,” Grant Clearinghouse mainly for the four primary federal agencies: the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service and the Department of the Interior agencies the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and Fish & Wildlife Service.

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