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Installing Smoke Alarms in Los Angeles

MySafe:LA continues to reach at-risk homes in Los Angeles, inspecting them for fire hazards and where appropriate, installing free smoke alarms and CO Detectors. The effort continues to target older Victorian and Craftsman style homes, which are often 90 years old or older, and have significant fire-related vulnerabilities.

Our teams pre-determine the area to be canvassed, share that information with our LAFD partners, and prepare a canvassing team with details on the area, objectives, and so on. On the morning of the event, our members meet with the local “first in” LAFD fire company, deliver a briefing, and then head to the neighborhood “staging” area.

Firefighters and MySafe:LA members walk the identified streets, door-knocking and introducing the program to residents. Following directly behind the advance teams, our installers and public safety members inspect homes, install alarms, and teach family members about proper evacuation, calling 911, and external safe meeting locations.

The installation effort from the past day resulted in more than 50 smoke alarms and 15 CO detectors being installed, and as a result: 19 safer homes from the threat of unannounced fire. MySafe:LA partners with both the Los Angeles City and County fire departments.

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