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MySafe:LA Delivers Tabletop Training

MySafe:LA members and subject matter experts continued our ongoing endeavors in preparing organizations to better manage disasters and emergencies this past August. We provided an afternoon of “realistic” disruption to a client’s business operations in the Pasadena/San Marino region of Los Angeles County.

Our training – what is often referred to as a “Table Top Exercise” – presented a situation that would cause disruption of services, threaten the safety of guests and employees, and require the appropriately designated persons to gather at the facility’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to help manage, mitigate, and recover from the “incident.”

In addition to a timeline and specific “injects” of information, we engaged with local police and fire chiefs, who also brought their experience to the group, and created an additional layer of realism. Participants responded to our post-training survey with unanimous praise for the value of this type of training.

Our thanks to MySafe:LA Executive Director David Barrett, training Director Cameron Barrett, MySafe:LA Subject Matter Expert Joseph Castro, and Chiefs Mario Rueda and John Incontro.

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