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MySafe:LA is delivering training and awareness to those residents most at-risk of wildfire in the greater Los Angeles region.


Los Angeles is surrounded by severe wildfire threat zones generally – and the San Fernando Valley is specifically situated in the midst of some of the most at-risk “Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones” (VHFHSZ) in the State. This includes brushy areas that may not have burned for 50 years or more. It isn’t just brush, but also the influx of new home construction, increased population, and the severe drought that is making water access challenging.

"There really should be a massive education program to educate every baby boomer about the risk of wildfire where they live."

– Elaine Wethington, gerontology professor at Cornell Medical School

Taking Action in Los Angeles

MySafe:LA is working directly with residents to teach them about proper preparation for wildfires, and is also partnering with the Los Angeles City Fire Department and other agencies to create important readiness and evacuation training relative to wildfires. We’re focusing on three key components:


Prepares homeowner’s associations and neighborhood councils to be “Wildfire Ready” by joining the “Los Angeles Wildfire Resilience Alliance.”


Engages partners (City Council, HOA, NCs, etc.) to be aware of roles and responsibilities related to wildfire preparedness.


Captures metrics from activities and supports a database of participants, partners, and activities completed and pending.
LAFD Pilot Dave Nordquist

The Los Angeles Wildfire Resilience Alliance

The Los Angeles Wildfire Resilience Alliance, led by The LAFD and MySafe:LA, provides education to L.A. area residents, in multiple types of housing, but all within the WUI/VHFHSZ. This education covers basics related to Ready, Set, Go, but with localized focus on home hardening, route planning for evacuation and collaboration of residents among themselves to be better prepared for wildfire.
What Residents Will Learn
  • How to create your own “wildfire” action committee
  • Why “rebuilding” actually starts before the fire
  • Avoiding the worst place you can be in a wildfire
  • Assisting with developing an NFPA Firewise USA site
  • Assisting with becoming a California Fire Safe Council
  • Training in certified CPR, Evacuation, Resilience
  • Roles & Responsibilities (you and first responders)
  • Beyond Ready, Set, Go
  • The best tools to secure your family’s safety

Join The Alliance!

Complete the following form and we’ll contact you with information on how you and your HOA, NC, or Ad Hoc community group can join the Los Angeles Wildfire Resilience Alliance.

By submitting this request, you are opting in for MySafe:LA to occasionally send you information on wildfire and disaster preparedness. You may opt out in the future at any time.
Old Fire 2003

The Threat Is Real

Everyone thinks being burned over won’t happen to them. They don’t believe they will lose their home to a wildfire.
Until their home is damaged or destroyed. “I can’t believe this happened to me,” is a common refrain. 
More than 80% of the wildland around the greater Los Angeles area hasn’t burned, in some cases for decades. Wildfires are increasing in severity every year, and only through education and preparation can you and your community reduce the risks associated with being burned over during a destructive wildfire. 

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