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MySafe:LA Launches Wildfire Website

MySafe:LA is pleased to announce the launch of a new wildfire-specific website, Wildfire LA Dot Org ( This new website, a partner site to the primary website focuses on the key action items and history of wildfire in California generally, and in Los Angeles County specifically.

The new wildfire Los Angeles website will provide Angelenos with the support and information they need to become more resilient against wildfire,” David Barrett, Commander for MySafe:LA noted in a presentation highlighting the new website. “It speaks to the partnership between MySafe:LA and the Los Angeles City Fire Department, and we expect it to expand substantially in the coming months.”

The new website features the photography of some of MySafe:LA’s cadre of wildfire photographers, including but not limited to Greg DoyleRick McClure, and Michael Meadows. “We believe these photographers are under-appreciated – and we’re grateful for the support and images they allow us to use,” Commander Barrett noted. “Non-news media photographer is a critical component of wildfire assessment and history,” Barrett said. “This is how we learn, share, and help people comprehend the fury and intensity a wildfire can bring.”

The website provides a unique take on the Ready, Set, Go wildfire action steps that have been promoted since the Cedar Fire in San Diego in 2003 that killed 15 people. It also includes tips, techniques, and multiple downloadable materials. In the future, the website will include the wildfire readiness workbook that homeowner’s associations can utilize to prepare their community for NFPA Firewise USA recognition, or for California Fire Safe Council certification. The website will eventually become a wildfire “portal,” including online classes, history, and mapping content, plus a Wildfire Community Protection Plan (CWPP) for the City of Los Angeles.

Note the new website will become the primary source of information related to MySafe:LA’s wildfire and Fire Safe Council information.

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