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Smoke Alarms

Working smoke alarms double your chance of surviving a house fire.

Does your home have working smoke alarms? If you have one alarm, installed 10+ years ago, the answer has to be, “um, no.” Smoke alarms only last about 10 years. And, you need to have one in each sleeping area, and one on each level of your home.

MySafe:LA delivers a life-saving program throughout the greater Los Angeles area – we visit homes, inspect them, and if they are in need of new, working smoke alarms (and cannot afford them), we install them for FREE. That’s right: free alarms, and free installation. 

We use sealed 10-year battery powered alarms so you don’t need to worry about changing the batteries. Just test the alarm every month, and change the alarm out every decade. That should be easy. 

Why are smoke alarms so important? First off, they double your chances of surviving a house fire. 30 years ago, when homes were primarily wood, glass, and metal, you had up to five minutes to get out (from the first ignition point). Today, you typically have less than two minutes to escape safely. It isn’t the fire that will kill you – it’s the smoke. 

Not only does MySafe:LA install free smoke alarms via our FireSmart:LA program, we also partner with the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region to support their smoke alarm initiative. Together, we’re working to reduce fire fatalities in Los Angeles.

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, visit www.mysmokealarm.org

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