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When it’s Colder Outside, the Chance for Fire Increases

It typically doesn’t get extremely cold in the greater Los Angeles region. Still, when compared to the mild temperatures that are standard in L.A. for most of the year, the time period of December through March is often colder by comparison – often in the lower 50-degree range. During this period of time, people often take steps to keep their homes warmer, and as a result, more structure fires occur during this time of year.

MySafe:LA would like to remind Angelenos that they should never leave candles unattended, or an oven, or any other device that uses fire. Never use a BBQ to warm your home. And, don’t smoke in bed. While kitchen fires are the most common type of dwelling fire in the United States – and in Los Angeles specifically, more people typically die in home fires during the winter months.

MySafe:LA conducts home inspections year-round, and when homes without smoke alarm protection are found, FREE smoke alarms and CO detectors are installed. MySafe:LA has installed more than 70,000 smoke alarms in the past six years, and has been actively working to make homes safer since 2009.

To learn how you can make your home safer from fire, visit the FireSmart:LA section of the MySafe:LA website.

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