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MySafe:LA Promotes Junior Fire Marshals

For the past 14 years, MySafe:LA has been a partner with the Los Angeles Unified School District, teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students about fire safety. Since 2020, MySafe:LA has collaborated not only with the LAUSD, but with smoke alarm manufacturer First Alert and fire safety promoter and insurance-related foundation The Hartford.

MySafe:LA visits L.A. area elementary schools and teaches students about key fire safety issues, including the fire triangle, creating a family escape plan, talking to a 911 call-taker, pet and senior adult safety, and finding that safe meeting place every family should organize. “This important work wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of First Alert and The Hartford,” noted MySafe:LA Commander David Barrett. “Students in these grade levels are sponges and soak up everything we teach them. Key to this initiative is the kids taking these messages home to their parents, where real change – better fire safety – can be realized home by home.”

MySafe:LA has taught more than 400,000 students in Los Angeles about fire safety during the past 14 years. It has won multiple awards for its commitment to student and family safety, and views the Junior Fire Marshal program as a core component of its overall mission.

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