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Coming Out of the Pandemic

COVID-19 is not gone. But life is different. There are vaccines. There are steps we can all take to reduce the risk of infection. Various therapies and the dilution of the virus also reduce the threat of severe infection or hospitalization. So, is life “back to normal” or are things still a challenge?

The pandemic has changed us. There is no 2019 normal for now. But life is opening up again, and people can live more engaged, interactive lives – albeit with some cautionary steps to stay healthy. Visit with friends – go on holiday – go to school. All of these things should be pursued. 

Keep a mask with you at all times. If you venture indoors someplace, wear it. If you’re in a location you’re not familiar with, consider wearing it. If you’re out in the air, keep it in your pocket. 

Wash your hands – this is a good rule to live by no matter what the conditions are around us. Clean hands are vital to maintaining good health. 

If you don’t feel well – stay home. Regardless of the cause, don’t go to work and “share the love” so to speak. Take care of yourself. Your spirt, body, mind, and soul will thank you.

Be vigilant – the virus is continuing to mutate. There are other viruses out there. Don’t over-react, but know what’s happening, and trust science. There’s a reason it’s called science. It’s trustworthy. 

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