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MySafe:LA Introduces New Lighthearted Preparedness Podcast

Los Angeles from the air

MySafe:LA is introducing a new podcast aimed at sharing important disaster preparedness information to people in the greater Los Angeles community. “Everything is Okay” is a lighthearted, fun look at emergency preparedness.

With so many serious issues facing people around the world, the importance of being prepared is even more vital in our daily agendas. MySafe:LA would like to take the edge off when it comes to these serious issues and as such, is pleased to be providing this new format podcast. Three of MySafe:LA’s members are not only comedians, but are also skilled performers, and their ability to share important public safety messages is a natural fit for them. Everything is Okay features Jessica Svensgaard, Allyn Pintal, and Cara Meyers. To hear the new Everything is Okay podcast – and in fact any of the MySafe:LA podcasts, visit us online at our podcast network.

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