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Teaching Kids About the Dangers of Fireworks

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Every year, MySafe:LA visits dozens of elementary schools as well as recreation and parks facilities to discuss the dangers of fireworks. This is a complex issue, as there are cultural issues, legal restrictions, and family gatherings that are often promoted via the use of fireworks.

To be clear, ALL fireworks are illegal in Los Angeles. That includes “safe and sane” fireworks that are approved by the State Fire Marshal. There are 29 unincorporated cities that also sell safe and sane fireworks throughout southern California. Regardless, if you bring fireworks into Los Angeles (never mind actually using them), you’re breaking the law. If you provide fireworks to any minor, regardless of type or source, you’re breaking the law.

What most people are really concerned about are not safe and sane fireworks, but the fireworks that fly and explode. Many of these rival commercial fireworks shows, and while we understand the thrill that takes over the entire street when those types of fireworks are launched, they put people, animals, structures, and wild land at risk for destruction, injury, or death.

The best answer is to go to a professional fireworks show. There are more of them than ever before, and the quality of the shows is spectacular. MySafe:LA’s message isn’t don’t enjoy fireworks – rather, we think fireworks should be left to the professionals. Your dogs, cats, veterans, and grand parents will thank you.

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