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Neighborhood Smoke Alarm Canvassing Saves Lives

MySafe:LA educator Adam Mendiola works with a homeowner during fire safety canvassing with MySafe:LA

Working smoke alarms save lives. It can’t be stated enough. MySafe:LA works throughout the City of Los Angeles to promote fire safety. On the 27th of April, the non-profit public benefit organization visited the San Fernando Valley and canvassed a number of at-risk homes, installing new ten-year sealed smoke alarms, providing fire safety information, including evacuation maps, and teaching kids about fire safety.

While it may seem obvious where smoke alarms and CO detectors need to be placed, it’s not always that simple. MySafe:LA trained educators know where smoke alarms should go – and where they should not. Our people incorporate the overall home safety theme into our messaging and demonstrations.

One of the most rewarding components of a canvassing operation such as this is working with children. They are a receptive and eager audience. Teaching them to get low and go; stop, drop, and roll, and other home safety activities is both fun and impactful. Typically, the kids activity gets the entire family involved, which is exactly what we’re looking for. We may start our process with the installation of smoke alarms, but in the end, the overall arc of fire and life safety that results in changed behavior is what our mission is all about.

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