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MySafe:LA Conducts Research Into Wildfires

charred wreckage following the Woolsey Fire in LA and Ventura Counties

MySafe:LA, a unit of The Safe Community Project, is conducting research into the effect of a wildfire on a community. Following the deadly Woolsey Fire of late 2018, the organization determined that gaining a better understanding of wildfires would be essential for its overall capabilities and delivery of resilience programming.

Today, we live in a new ‘normal,’ where wildfires are getting larger, more deadly, and more expensive,” said MySafe:LA Executive Officer David Barrett. “In order to provide the best possible service to the community, we need to look into not only the obvious impacts, but those that aren’t up front and making headlines in media.”

  • Some of the issues being evaluated include:
  • Do people really recover from wildfire losses?
  • Are wildfire costs fully covered by those with insurance?
  • Do people move away after a wildfire?
  • How do people who live through a wildfire prepare for the next one?

MySafe:LA is considering the development of a digital book on wildfires, and will announce its intentions later in the year.

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