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MySafe:LA Celebrates the Holidays and Hands Out Dean Cathey Awards

Jill Barnes and Chris Nevil show off their awards.

MySafe:LA played host to its annual holiday party this week, and in addition to the home baked goodies, good company, and overall celebration, also presented two public safety awards, named after the organization’s late co-founder, Dean Cathey.

The MySafe:LA staff award was presented to Chris Nevil, for his diligent and tireless efforts to coordinate school presentations, older adult safety events, and to generally take on any project in the most positive and engaging way.

Chris Nevil holds his awards at the MySafe:LA holiday event.

The MySafe:LA collaboration award was presented to Dr. Jill Barnes from the Los Angeles Unified School District. Dr. Barnes has been a positive influence on our school programs for many years, and this award was well deserved.

Jill Barnes holds her recognition certificates.

Dean Cathey, a retired assistant chief with the Los Angeles Fire Department was a co-founder of MySafe:LA and served as the organization’s treasurer before health issues resulted in his retirement. He died in June 2018.

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