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MySafe:LA Teaches CPR During the Great Shakeout

Cameron Barrett demos hands-only CPR during the great shakeout

MySafe:LA, along with a number of other public safety agencies participated in a public demonstration during the 2018 Great Shakeout. This year, the “signature” event was held outside Los Angeles City Hall, and included remarks from Mayor Eric Garcetti, as well as a number of different demonstrations.

Cameron Barrett demos hands-only CPR during the great shakeout

MySafe:LA taught those attending hands-only CPR, use of an AED, and how to safely manage a situation where first responders may not be available. The stress from a disaster like a major earthquake could trigger cardiac arrest in a person, and knowing what to do could save a life.

MySafe:LA has been an active participant in The Great Shakeout since the organization was founded in late 2008. It has hosted the “signature event” in partnership with the Southern California Earthquake Center, CalTech and the USGS on multiple occasions, and works diligently to teach Angelenos about the critical issues related to major earthquakes.

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