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Starting a Community Resilience Program

LAFD AC JD Drake speaks

MySafe:LA is working with Los Angeles Council District 3’s Bob Blumenfield to create a resilience plan that brings all aspects of 21st century living together to engage and help one another before, during, and following a disaster. Stakeholders meeting in CD-3 to discuss resilience

Community resilience is an emerging concept wherein people who live in a specific neighborhood work with entities also in the same geo footprint to build plans on what to expect, and how to maneuver through the challenges that arise when disaster strikes.

The CD-3 pilot program, which will result in a two-pronged approach is designed to demonstrate how community resilience really works. LAFD Assistant Chief JD Drake will lead an academic research program to create the array of parameters that come into play following a disaster. MySafe:LA, under the leadership of David Barrett, will employ a “boots on the ground” approach, developing real world drills, a disaster decathlon event, as well as teaching CPR in area high schools and teaching 4th and 5th grade students to be Junior Fire Inspectors in area elementary schools.

The actual activities will commence later in 2019, with the first decathlon schedule either in the fall or the spring of 2020.


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