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MySafe:LA Celebrates National Women’s Day

You Go Girl

International Women’s Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

Image of MySafe:LA women smiling for the camera as we celebrate International Women's Day in Los Angeles.

The day is celebrated across the United States with seminars, rallies, networking events, and obviously, lots of Facebook and Instagram postings.

MySafe:LA has a number of women in our organization, and they each bring a skill and contribution that we’d be missing without them. We value every one of our members, and without question, we celebrate our women at all ranks every day of every week.

Girls Are Key to the Future

But the women I want to talk about are not (yet) part of our organization. They’re the girls we teach in schools every week. They’re the single mothers who raise kids while holding down one or two jobs. They’re the firefighters who pull on their turnouts and climb aboard fire engines and ambulances every day across Los Angeles.

In particular, the girls we teach deserve recognition. These engaged students pay close attention in our presentations. They do the homework. They take home the new 10-year battery protected smoke alarms we provide (for free).

5th grade girls show their family escape plans as part of the "Junior Fire Inspector" program produced by MySafe:LA.

Our future will depend in large part on the young people of today. And unlike decades ago, today’s 4th through 12th grade women will not only reform old practices, they’ll lead us into the distant future. It’s time for a woman president – not to break through a glass ceiling, but because there’s no reason not to have one, and many reasons to elect one (the right one). As time goes by, there will be multiple choices, competitive races, and historic results.

So, “you go girl!” MySafe:LA applauds every one of our young but quickly maturing women students. The future is yours. Take it.

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