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Rec and Parks Kids Learn Fire Safety

MySafe:LA has spent that last few months teaching children fire safety at Rec and Parks facilities across Los Angeles. These presentations are different than our typical school programming, as there is a wide range of ages and attention spans.

Often, we’ll split the kids up into three or four groups, based primary on age and grade level. We’ll then rotate the students in timed sessions. One group will watch a video. One group will learn how to “get low and go,” and the third group will learn about smoke alarms and calling 911. With older kids, we’ll also provide hands-only CPR education. Overall, it’s a complete overview of fire safety in the home.

Alfred Taylor teaches campers about smoke alarms

Typically, the first-in fire company will make an appearance with us as well. The kids love seeing their local firefighters and the equipment they use. For the firefighters, it’s a fun 40 minutes or so, as they just show up, share their equipment and answer questions, and after a few photos, they hit the road again, ready for the next call. We track all of our visits, the number of students reached, and the LAFD bureau we’re supporting.

This year, we provided multiple rec centers with our Junior Fire Inspector program. This involves three visits, and on the third one, we’re joined by firefighters. These kids are more engaged, as they’re learning to inspect their homes for working smoke alarms, CO detectors, as well as implementing a family escape plan. FREE smoke alarms are made available to any student who requests one.

MySafe:LA shows a video to Rec and Parks campers

Overall, our experiences with Los Angele’s Rec and Parks facilities and people has been fantastic. We’re always greeted by friendly faces, and the camp counselors are experienced, patient, and engaged. It’s been a fun summer! As we tell all of our campers – be safe!

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