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It’s Fire Prevention Week!

Family Escape Plan diagram

Hey! It’s Fire Prevention Week. Before you say, “got it,” and move on to the next Facebook entry, stop and think about what this means. During the week of October 4 through the 10th, we’re all supposed to engage in spreading the word that small fires are easier to put out than large fires. Oh, and that no fire is even easier to put out than small fires. I say we go with no fires.

So, here’s a challenge for you:

This week, consider where the biggest risk of fire is in your home or apartment.

What issue might result in a fire in your home?

Old fuses? All of the power plugs for your home recording studio connected via one power strip? Disabled smoke alarms? No smoke alarms? 20 gallons of gasoline in the kitchen?

Most home fires start in the kitchen. Do you have a box of Baking Soda, or a fire extinguisher in your kitchen? If so, is the indicator on the gauge of your fire extinguisher in the green?

What about that collection of old McKenzie Falls Newspapers that you’ve been collecting in the garage? If you have boxes of flammable materials, give some thought on moving them, removing them, or taking some action to create a less flammable condition that might ruin your night. I say ruin your night because if those boxes are gonna light up, most likely that’ll take place while you’re sleeping – at least that’s what the national statistics say.

Speaking of your house burning down while you’re sleeping, are you prepared to not only wake up, but to get up, get out, (get low and go, if there’s smoke) and stay out if there’s a fire in your home? Are you gonna use your plan and take your pets with you?

There are three conditions in play if you want to say “of course I’m ready.”

  1. Have a plan. Do you have a family escape plan? Do you need one? (download a FREE version here) — Oh, if you download the plan, please draw some lines on it that represent your house and how you plan to get out – two ways out, please! Don’t forget to pick a family meeting place near your home, but at a fixed location, like the light post on the corner, or the front door of the fire station across the street.
  2. Maintain working smoke alarms in your home. They’re cheap. Oh, and if you live in Southern California and you need some, MySafe:LA will deliver and install them for FREE. You’re twice as likely to escape a fire in your home and live to collect more newspapers if you have working smoke alarms.
  3. Know what to say when you dial 911. Do you know your address? That proves you’re smart! But wait — do you know the address of the Starbucks around the corner where you meet your neighbor every morning and flirt over coffee? Not so smart now, are you? You can get back on the “A” list if you learn to share the right information when you dial 911 to declare an emergency. Know the street, intersection, and any details that will help a dispatcher get emergency responders to your home quickly.

If you need help ensuring your home is FireSmart:LA, then note MySafe:LA has a ton of resources for you. Start by checking out some of our super fun video tutorials and awareness pieces. They’ve won awards. But we made them so you’d watch ‘em. Have fun.

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