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Free Smoke Alarms And Much More…

MySafe:LA Smoke Alarm Installation Team

MySafe:LA is offering free smoke alarms and much more to Los Angeles residents. If your home is either missing smoke alarms, or your alarms are disabled (or more than 10 years old), we can help you out!

Just visit the new MySmokeAlarm dot org website and make an appointment for a free smoke alarm installation and home safety inspection. It’s all free. We’ll provide up to five smoke alarms, one carbon monoxide detector, and share fire safety education with you and your family. It just takes a few minutes, and suddenly – your family will have some added confidence about being safe in the event of a fire in your residence.

At this time last year, there were 12 fire fatalities in the City of Los Angeles. That includes children, parents, and older adults in multiple home fires. Nobody expected to die. And nobody had a working smoke alarm in their home. You’ve probably read all of the statistics, but the fact remains – you’re twice as likely to survive a fire if you have working smoke alarms in your home.

MySafe:LA, working in collaboration with the Los Angeles Fire Department, will also provide you with a free family escape plan template and show you how to use it. Because today’s homes are filled with furniture made up of volatile components, not to mention how homes are built these days — you only have a few minutes to escape a fire before deadly smoke may overcome you. That’s why we say, Fire Burns. Smoke Kills™.

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