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Five Reasons to Leave the Fireworks to Professionals

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Fireworks are considered a staple of American life when July the 4th comes around. The nation’s birthday is something to be proud of. The “rockets red glare” is part of our tradition and is a message for freedom. So, it’s natural to think that no matter what, grabbing some fireworks and joining in on the fun is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, statistics are proving that using fireworks yourself is indeed an act of no-brain (at work).

You’re heard all of the warnings. You probably don’t know anyone who died or was hospitalized due to an accident with fireworks, so you’re probably thinking you’re immune. Even if you personally have the Shield of Aegis around you, here are five reasons to leave the fireworks to professionals this year:

REASON ONE: It’s not you who will be hurt, but someone you know.

Even “safe and sane” fireworks are dangerous. They all use flammable components. Even if you’ve prepared all year to be safe with these miniature explosives, what about the other folks at your home? What happens when they blow their hand off? How will you feel then?

REASON TWO: Children are the most likely victims.

Every kid loves fireworks. And one of the most exciting things a kid will dream about is running around waving a sparkler and writing in the air with it. Fun! But, wait… Did you know that a simple, little wire with a combustible binder and some fuel on it burns at up to 1,800 degrees (f)? Water boils at 212 degrees (f). Would you let your child run around with an open pot of boiling water? Then why let them run around with something nearly ten times as hot?

REASON THREE: Do you love your pets or not?

Ask a kid what’s more important: a sparkler or the family pet? Dogs and cats HATE the noise and smell of fireworks. It can literally freak them out. They may get hurt – not just from improper usage of fireworks, but a pet cat or dog may bolt away from the source of the noise and run into the street and… Keep your pets indoors and in a safe, comfortable room. Have all of their ID materials handy in case they manage to get out and run away. If you love your pet, think twice before using fireworks.

REASON FOUR: Your “License” to perform hasn’t arrived in the mail yet.

Do you really think you can outperform today’s fireworks professionals? Setting up a professional fireworks show takes time, money, and real expertise. Two minutes of fireworks at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles can take up to three days to rig. A crew of five people or more wire it all together. And when the show begins, sophisticated software syncs a musical soundtrack (or matches a live orchestra) and a visual symphony takes place. So? Would you rather watch a hand-held Android phone movie or a 3D iMax sensation? The same is true for fireworks. Go for the pros.

REASON FIVE: Orange is the new Black. Are you ready to suit up?

You cannot reason your way around the fact that ALL FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL IN THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES – and in most Los Angeles County communities as well.¬†Possession and/or use of fireworks within Los Angeles is a violation of Municipal Code 57.55.01A, or Section 12677 of the Health and Safety Code. Have you modeled your new orange jumpsuit for the wife yet? If not, don’t get started. Be a hero instead, and take the family to a professional fireworks show. There are dozens of shows in the greater Los Angeles area.

For additional information:

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Safe July 4th Dot Org (MySafe:LA is a sponsor)

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