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A MySafe:LA Start to the New Year!

CPR training at a community event

A new year can mean a new beginning. We’re delighted to share a MySafe:LA Start to the New Year!!!

What happens at the beginning of a typical new year? We go back to school, or work, or whatever our daily agenda requires. We rethink our goals and objectives for the coming year. We hopefully look forward to new adventures.

Our team has been working diligently to come up with new and engaging mechanisms to help us better prepare people in Los Angeles to prevent fire, burns, water injuries, and be ready in the event of earthquake or other disasters. This year, working in collaboration with our partners, including the Los Angeles Fire Department, we have a host of new programs and projects to share.

Jr Fire Inspector Program:

Even though we’ve awarded Jr Fire Inspector IDs to more than 1,500 students in Los Angeles, we’ve determined the need for family-driven fire inspection is much greater than even we anticipated. We’re working diligently to continue to this program, and to bring it to several neighborhoods that are seriously in need.

Jr. Fire Inspectors
MySafe:LA Instructors review Jr. Fire Inspector home inspection forms.


Our hallmark program – teaching fire safety to 4th and 5th grade students is now expanding to include older adults as well. We use media, including presentations and video, a DVD full of training materials for teachers, LAFD firefighters and apparatus, and much more to communicate the importance of fire and life safety in the City of Angels.


Did you know the San Andreas (southern end) is hundreds of years overdue for a major quake? When it does rip, the greater Los Angeles area may shake for up to five minutes. More than 1,600 buildings may erupt in fire within minutes. MySafe:LA is teaching people how to be QuakeSmart:LA.

Great Shakeout drill
Firefighters perform during a Great Shakeout drill developed by MySafe:LA.


Every year, people drown in pools in Los Angeles. These deaths are all unnecessary. MySafe:LA is keen to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities related to water. Don’t drown. Don’t let your child drown. It only take a minute for someone to slip away. Permanently.

And Wait! There’s More…

We don’t just share the standard messages about fire and life safety. We work to make it fun, practical, and related to the local community. LAFD apparatus carry “Hands Only” CPR cards and fire department trading cards we produce. We create videos, games, online learning, and other interactive components that make fire and life safety something everyone can get behind. During the coming year, we’re going to do more than ever to promote readiness in Los Angeles – and beyond.

If you’re new to MySafe:LA, we’re a California Public Benefit 501 (c)(3) Corporation – our parent is called the Safe Community Project. MySafe:LA teaches fire and life safety to kids, families and older adults in Los Angeles. We partner with the Los Angeles Fire Department, FEMA, CalOES, CalTech, the Southern California Earthquake Center, Fireman’s Fund Heritage Foundation, First Alert, Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society,  Children’s Burn Foundation, California Science Center, FireCorps, CERT, Vision 20/20, and other organizations. We have a fun introductory video as well!

[ watch video ]

Because we’re a non-profit, we are very careful with money – we use no LAFD or LA City funds. All of our funding comes from grants and gifts. If you’d like to learn more about sponsoring or supporting MySafe:LA, please visit our giving section in this website.

MySafe:LA — EIN: 27-0967511


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