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Fireworks Are No Fun When Someone is Injured.


Everyone loves fireworks. There are some wonderful shows all around the greater Los Angeles area where you can safely enjoy the wonder of these often powerful, colorful explosives. That’s right – fireworks are typically explosive. Even sparklers are essentially a burning wand of fire.

Fireworks are less fun when someone gets injured. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, on average 200 people a day are injured by fireworks in the days leading up to and following the 4th of July holiday. If you play with fireworks, you’re likely to become a statistic.

We’re asked why fireworks are illegal in some places and legal in others. In Los Angeles, it is not only illegal to sell fireworks, but to possess them as well. There are some communities that sell fireworks as a form of fundraising – and we understand the need to raise monies for essential community programs, but this isn’t the way to do it in our safety oriented opinion.

But, don’t miss out on the holiday! Get the family together and head out to one of the terrific shows that will take place all around the LA area. CLICK HERE to learn more about 4th of July safety and to see where this year’s shows will be (includes date and time).

Remember, be FireSmart:LA!

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