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A Safe Start to the New Year

firefighter with kids

LAFD member with school kidsHappy New Year from everyone at MySafe:LA.

As we look towards a busy 2013, here are some thoughts on being safe during the coming year:

First of all, remember that common sense is a positive foundation for safety. If it doesn’t sound reasonable, then it probably isn’t. So, crossing the freeway, putting a BBQ indoors, Shaking hands with lots of people during flu season, yanking your smoke alarm from the ceiling… all of those aren’t really good ideas. Don’t do these things.

The coming year will likely prove to be challenging during the flu season. Early reports indicate that flu will be particularly widespread during the winter. California is often less affected than other states, but your health is important – especially if you’re in school! The CDC recommends that you get a flu shot. For those that don’t feel the need, or who refuse for any reason, there are still some things you can do to reduce your chances of getting ill:

  • Keep your hands clean – wash your hands often
  • Get a proper amount of sleep
  • Get as much “fresh air” as possible
  • Reduce your intake of sugar (after the holiday, this should be easy!)
  • Exercise regularly

If you begin to feel the flu or a cold coming on, go home – stay home – stay away from work or school until you’re well. And, take medication appropriate to the illness immediately. If you wait a few days, your recovery time will be increased. Act.

As the new year begins, there are a few things you and your family can do to be FireSmart:LA. Some key things include:

  • Do you have a family escape plan? Make one. [ family escape plans will be available online from MySafe:LA in FEB 2013 ]
  • Practice your family escape plan – practice in the morning, and also at night
  • Check your family’s fire extinguishers – if the meter is in the red, replace your extinguisher
  • Check your smoke alarms – replace the batteries if required – replace the alarms if more than 8 years old
  • Inspect your home – look for anything that reasonably shouldn’t be – frayed wires, broken electric plugs, etc

Remember, if you suspect a fire dial 9-1-1. You can learn more: [ click here ]

An earthquake may strike at any time. Most will be small or “medium” in intensity – the ground will rock and roll a bit, but nothing will fall from shelves and the quake will be over quickly. However, Southern California is more than 150 years overdue for a major earthquake event. So, why wait? The time to get ready is now. MySafe:LA wants everyone to be QuakeSmart:LA, so here are some things to remember as we start 2013:

  • What to do in an earthquake? Drop, Cover, and Hold On!
  • What NOT to do in an earthquake? Run, Doorway, edge of floor and wall, etc.
  • Is anyone in your family a member of CERT?
  • Do you have 72 hours of food, water, and basic living materials? Build a kit!

You can learn more about QuakeSmart:LA [ click here ]

So, whatever may come in 2013, there are some basic steps we can all take to ensure we have a better chance at staying healthy, safe, and prepared for any emergency that may come along. MySafe:LA will share a wide array of safety news throughout the year, and our 2013 education programs will be the best yet – stay tuned for information on our programs!

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