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September is National Preparedness Month. Are you Ready?

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September is a busy time of year.

Our kids are headed back to school. The fall business seasons kicks into full gear. Those promotions for Halloween have already started – and you can’t believe it, can you? It seems each day disappears and we only get part of our daily agenda completed.

September also represents something else: National Preparedness Month.

Are you ready?

National Preparedness month is an opportunity for to share disaster preparation with our families, and not just those we live with. Proper readiness includes collaboration with relatives and friends to live nearby – and across the country.

So, what’s the plan? You may have heard some of this before, but we want to ensure the message is clearly understood.

Make a Kit. This is about a survival kit for your family in the event of a disaster. There are two ways to ensure your family has a kit. The first option is to buy one. Kits run from $50 dollars up – you could spend several hundred dollars for a large family. The second option is to build your own. This month, MySafe:LA is going to help you with both options – we’re going to give away family emergency kits to eight lucky families (details will be announced on September 6th). We’ll also show you how to build your own kit – and a basic one will be less than $10.

Make a Plan. Do you have a family escape plan? You need one. MySafe:LA offers details on how to create a family escape plan – and we even provide you with the template. It’s FREE, so don’t delay, check it out [ learn more ]

Throughout September, MySafe:LA will be publishing useful information to help you and your family be better prepared for an emergency. We’ll share the best links to stories from FEMA, the CDC, the LA Emergency Management Division (EMD), and the Los Angeles Fire Department. We’ll take those stories and make them understandable and we’ll offer up some readiness drills you can perform at home and at work. It will be fun. We promise!

MySafe:LA is a member of the FEMA National Preparedness Coalition.


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