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Rec & Parks Program in Full Swing

MySafe:LA and LAFD members with Rec and Parks Kids

This summer, MySafe:LA is visiting LA area Recreation and Parks facilities. Our crew, often with support from LA firefighters, are teaching kids from 1st thru 6th grades about fire and life safety.

We’re often asked, what happens at a Rec and Parks facility?

Here’s a brief overview:

Our audience is broader – from 1st thru 6th grade typically. There are between 25 and 100 kids, with about 60 on average. Something that we’ve discovered this summer: typically each one of our Rec and Parks visits has several kids that have been part of our education program in their school. When they answer questions, their answers are always correct, so the messages are sticking!

We often show a short video – either one about family escape plans or earthquake readiness.

Once the video is finished, we follow up with a verbal review and question and answer period. Correct answers from the kids result in “LAFD Trading Cards” being given out. The kids love this – and the retention of information from the video is often very good.

Next, our presenters talk about the issues related to either fire or earthquake. A smoke alarm is presented and demonstrated, and we talk about the key issues to understand if there is an earthquake. It’s important to note that even our younger kids are very interested – and they “get it.” We’re equally surprised by the apparent lack of interest by some of the parents who may be in attendance. But, as we’ve learned, the kids take those messages home, and then mom and dad do pay more attention!

At this point, we bring in our LAFD firefighter partners. We teach kids about the safety equipment they wear. They learn about calling 911 and what to say (very important). The kids often get a chance to tour the fire apparatus, and if there’s a good water supply, we’ll let them spray some water, which everyone loves.

Fire companies remain available to answer emergency calls, and typically we’ll lose at least some of our firefighters to an emergency response during a visit. This is one reason why the MySafe:LA program has been designed the way it is. Even when firefighters must leave to help others, our team keeps the program in place.

You can learn more about MySafe:LA and the things we do by cruising through the website, or visiting our FaceBook page.

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