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Summer is Here!

child in pool

School’s out for summer (at least for most!). It’s time for romping at the beach, hiking in the hills, swimming in the pool, BBQs, and fun, fun, fun.

Our team would like to remind you that summer is also a time when more accidents occur during recreation than at any other time of the year. Burns from the use of illegal (and legal) fireworks, accidental drowning, boat and vehicle accidents and much more. Don’t think of these risks as downers, but as issues to be aware of. If you focus on safety while having fun, your risk of injury will be reduced.

Throughout the summer, MySafe:LA will be posting important stories relative to summer safety. Check out the website on a weekly basis and let us know what you think. We want this summer to be the best ever, so watch where you’re headed, and have a great time!

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