No matter the age, MySafe:LA wants you to be safe at home, and at school, too!


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Kids. That’s what we’re all about. Simply put, kids are the reason MySafe:LA exists.

We teach fire and life safety to kids throughout Southern California. We visit hundreds of schools in Los Angeles each year. Our programs are designed to be fun - and educational.

Watch some of our videos, take some of our online courses (don’t worry, we make learning fun), grab your parents and share what you've learned.

We offer lots of information and cool swag (prizes) when we visit schools. Sometimes, we create special drills that you and your classmates can participate in. We create earthquake drills where you and your classmates practice earthquake readiness with LA firefighters. You get to "drop, cover, and hold on," and then firefighters will "rescue" you and your classmates. Fun? It is - and you'll be better prepared for the next big earthquake as well.

On other occasions, we'll bring a special guest to a school visit. Our Safety Ambassador is basketball star Pau Gasol. He likes kids as much as we do. When he comes to a school with us, everyone has a fantastic time!

So, check out some of the information we offer for kids - and let your parents and teachers know that you want MySafe:LA to come to your school!

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