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Sorry We Missed You!

MySafe:LA attempted to visit with you

Did you find a flyer on your property letting you know that MySafe:LA and your local fire station had stopped by for a visit? If so, you’re in the right place!

MySafe:LA visits homes to offer free fire safety information, materials, and inspections. When we stopped by your home, you weren’t available for us to say, “Hi!” and that’s why we left a “Sorry We Missed You” notice.

When we visit a neighborhood, it is typically for one of the following reasons:

As you can see, everything we provide via these visits is FREE. We do not charge any money to help you live in a safer home, and a safer community.

Who Are We?

MySafe:LA is a division of The Safe Community Project, a non-profit public benefit organization. We operate throughout the State of California, with a specific focus on Los Angeles and Riverside counties.

We partner with many fire and first responder organizations, including the Los Angeles City Fire Department, Los Angeles County Fire Department, and many smaller district fire agencies.

To learn more about us, please visit us at:

We're Ready to Come Back and Say "Hello"

If you’d like us to arrange for a return visit, please fill out the form below, and one of our public safety team members will get in touch!

We typically will follow up on inquiries within 3 business days.

MySafe:LA is a 501c3 non-profit, public benefit organization. EIN = 27-0967511
To make a donation in support of our efforts, please visit us at:

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