Report Fireworks

MySafe:LA is pleased to introduce FX Reporter, a new smartphone app for reporting fireworks. Using this app, you can send general or very specific reports about the use of fireworks that will be routed to local police and fire agencies.

This app is not a call for service

As you might imagine, if this app was used for requesting service, it could potentially overwhelm first responders. The point of this app is to help local police and fire departments to better understand where fireworks are being used, so they may determine the best use of resources to support the community.

FX Reporter is part of our effort to develop quality information (data) to help us better explain that fireworks are being used extensively, and that local and state action is required to improve this overall situation.

This year, we're beta testing the app on Apple iPhones.

Get the BETA app

This public BETA version of the app is available for Apple iPhone devices (iPhone 8 or newer), running iOS 14 or newer. 
To get the app, you’ll install a testing application called TestFlight. Once installed, you’ll be able to run FX Reporter.

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