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Let your neighbors know you’re aware that fireworks are illegal in L.A.

Download the Art and Get Started!

Creating your own anti-fireworks sign for your front lawn is easy. Follow these ease steps and in no time, you’ll be able to share your concern with your neighbors. 
1. Using your web browser, open a new window and click on this link (to FedEx Office): http://www.fedex.com/us/office/sign-printing.html
2. Click on the tab called “Sign Packages” in the middle of the page.
3. Note the options and pricing (all one-sided):
• 12” x 18” – $29.99
• 18” x 24” – $37.99
• 24” x 36” – $113.99
• 36” x 48” – $131.99
All signs are printed on corrugated plastic material in full color. 
3. Download the size sign art that you’d like to use:

Fireworks Signage 48×36

Download this sign

image of 48x36 Fireworks Signage

Fireworks Signage 36×24

Download this sign

image of 36x24 Fireworks Signage

Fireworks Signage 24×18

Download this sign

image of 24x18 Fireworks Signage

Fireworks Signage 18×12

Download this sign

image of 18x12 Fireworks Signage

4. Follow the directions on the FedEx Office site and upload the art and create your sign.
5. Signs may be picked up at the FedEx store you assign to do the printing.
6. Place the sign on  your front lawn.
NOTE: If you’d prefer to use a different printing vendor, use Google (link) to find one near you, or consider Sir Speedy at this link: http://connect.sirspeedy.com/signs-yard
Remember, lawn signs let people know your opinion or status regarding a wide array of topics. Don’t put you or your family at any risk if you suspect those using illegal fireworks to be vindictive or associated with any organization that does not comply with local, State, or Federal laws.
To learn more about fireworks in Los Angeles, visit Fireworks Safety
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