Do you need smoke alarms? Learn more today!
Do you need smoke alarms? Learn more today!

We teach fire safety

To empower families

Teaching Fire Safety in Schools

Get Low and Go

Our elementary school educational program is designed to give 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students important life saving instruction related to fire safety in the home. These students are empowered to become the “fire inspector” ambassador of their family, and are often the ones who bring fire safety education into their household.

One of the key teaching objectives is showing students how to safety evacuate their home in the event of a fire. We call this “Get Low and Go.” As with many components of our educational process, we utilize technology, including presentation materials, videos, and animations to engage and inspire our students.

Taking Fire Safety Messages Home

When kids speak, parents and guardians listen

We offer several different educational programs to elementary school students, including our three (separate) day Junior Fire Inspector initiative. 4th and 5th grade students learn about escape, fire prevention, smoke alarms, CO detectors, what to say to a 911 emergency call taker, and the importance of including pets in every fire safety plan.

We also provide FREE smoke alarms to students who have homes that lack this type of protection, not to mention the fact that when students speak, their family members typically listen – and then the entire family practices what we’ve taught then in the classroom.

Meeting Firefighters Makes It Real

Completing the training means meeting the school’s first in fire company

Kids love fire engines – and firefighters. As a reward for successfully completing the program, our newly minted Junior Fire Inspectors get to meet their local firefighters. The Los Angeles City Fire Department has been a strong supporter for more than a decade, and we’re starting to visit schools protected by the Los Angeles County Fire Department as well.

Watching kids jump and grin and laugh while meeting their local firefighters – and seeing them climbing all over fire apparatus brings a smile to everyone’s face. The good news is that kids remember what they’ve learned. Our post-training evaluations show that typically, students retain the key learning points we share with them at an 85% average six months down the road.

Let's Collaborate

If you’d like to organize scheduling our Junior Fire Inspector program at your school, we’d love to hear from you.

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