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TV Commercials

Public Service Announcements produced by MYSAFE:LA

Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas

Every year, MySafe:LA develops a series of Public Service Announcements that highlight our commitment to fire and life safety in the communities we serve. These short TV commercials are informative and useful. If you would like to broadcast one or more of these PSA spots on your television channel, YouTube channel or in the previews for your movie theater, please jump to the contact page and get in touch with us.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives


Make a Family Escape Plan


Fire Burns. Smoke Kills.™ – 60 second version


Fire Burns. Smoke Kills.™ – 30 second version


FireSmart:LA – 30 second version


QuakeSmart:LA – Version 1


QuakeSmart:LA – Version 2


WaterSmart:LA – 60 second version


WaterSmart:LA – 30 second version

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