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If you teach 4th or 5th grade in Los Angeles, have we got an assembly for you! Simply reach out to education @ my safe la dot org to request a visit, and we’ll be in touch. We’ll get you scheduled for a fire safety assembly like no other. You’re going to LOVE it. Your students are going to learn some really valuable fire and life safety skills. And it will be a day they’ll talk about for months to come.

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There are a two different kinds of visits we can schedule at your school.


This presentation lasts about an hour. Usually, the adventure begins in the school auditorium. A MySafe:LA instructor and a Los Angeles Fire Department Company Commander (Captain) introduce themselves. A six minute safety video is then shown, demonstrating the importance of a family escape plan and how to practice it. After the video has been completed, the team tests you to see what you learned. Don’t worry. There aren’t any grades, and when you get an answer correct, you have a chance to win prizes!

MySafe:LA instructors cover basic fire safety information regarding:

  • Smoke Alarms
  • Family Escape Plans
  • Safe Home Evacuation During a Fire
  • Get Low and Go
  • Stop, Drop and Roll
  • Emergency “Go Bags”
  • Sheltering in Place

The fire Captain then introduces members of his crew. If the crew has time, they lead you out of the auditorium to the playground. This may seem obvious, but in reality, you’re learning to take directions from firefighters, which you’ll need to do in case of an emergency. Usually you get the chance to practice “Get Low and Go” on your way out the door. Once outside, you’ll get a chance to check out the fire apparatus, plus:

  • Tour of the rescue ambulance
  • Tour of the fire engine
  • Sometimes a tour and demonstration of a ladder truck
  • Chances to try on firefighter protective gear like helmets and boots
  • Shooting water from a fire hose!

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If you want more in depth fire safety lessons, then ask for our Jr Fire Inspector program. We come to your school 2-3 times for an hour-long assembly each time. Kids learn all the basic skills we teach in our traditional FireSmart:LA assembly, plus they also learn how to inspect their homes for fire safety.

We teach them what to look for and send them home with a fire inspection form. Some of the things they’ll be on the lookout for include:

  • Working smoke alarms
  • Fire extinguishers
  • An emergency “Go Bag” that they pack and keep near their bed
  • A family escape plan

If any students don’t have working smoke alarms, we’ll give them one for free, including batteries! And when kids successfully complete the program and inspect their homes for safety, they’ll officially become a Jr Fire Inspector, complete with badge!


You can request a complete MySafe:LA learning system. It includes a Teacher’s Guide, developed by the Home Safety Council. This guide combines teaching fire safety with literacy. There are three books for students, including escape planning, smoke detectors, and how to get out of the house. Children can see the illustrations, but they will also learn how to read while going through the books.

In addition to the the books, there are a series of exercises, including mazes, word games, and other elements that help teach children about fire safety. The teacher will also give the children a series of materials to take home, so they can quiz their parents, create an escape plan, fill out an emergency phone listing, and much more. All in all, there are several dozen routines to go through.

And don’t forget to go online to learn more at mysafela.org. The website is rich in digital media and contains in-depth information on our programs, and basic fire and life safety education having to do with burn prevention, earthquake science, wildfire preparedness and much more.

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