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Wildfires Are Deadly

Being prepared can help save your family in the event of a wildfire

Cars on freeway in traffic jam trying to flee wildfire


If you live in Los Angeles, wildfires are a fact of life. They are as common as the hot, dry weather that brings them. And due to climate change and the ever expanding population in Southern California, wildfire season is now all year long.

There is no more unpredictable and dangerous fire than a wind-driven wildfire. As winds change intensity and direction, a wildfire can go from a contained, small burn in a backyard to a raging inferno acres in size. And it can happen in minutes. Wildfires can burn so hot and grow so large, that they actually create their own weather.

This is not something you can fight with your garden hose!

You need to know:

  • How to “harden your home” to protect it from wildfires in the future
  • How to protect and prepare your home when a wildfire is imminent
  • How to prepare your family and pets for wildfires
  • How to evacuate safely when the time comes

The Los Angeles Fire Department is partnering with MySafe:LA, Cal Fire, the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Orange County Fire Authority, Santa Barbara County Fire Department, San Bernardino County Fire Department, Riverside County Fire Department, and other agencies in supporting Ready, Set, Go.

We offer Ready, Set, Go seminars to neighborhood associations and homeowners’ groups. Contact education @ my safe la dot org to learn more.


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