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Simple steps you can take to avoid a serious burn injury

Good Day Sunshine

Sometimes, we don’t even realize we’re damaging our skin

Picture of Sunrise

A little protection and the sun can be our best friend

Knowledge and education are always the best first steps to avoiding risk. Learning about what burns you and why is crucial for you to keep your family as safe as possible from severe burns.

Here are some more steps to take.


The most common form of burns is sunburn. Chances are, you’ve had one. They’re not life threatening, but they are uncomfortable, and long-term exposure to the sun can lead to serious health issues like skin cancer. So, protect yourself from the sun.

  • Wear sunblock every time you go outside. Doctors recommend at least 30 SPF
  • Re-apply sunblock often, and always after leaving the water
  • Wear hats and long sleeves and pants if you’re very sensitive to the sun
  • Don’t forget your eyes! Long exposure to UV rays can hurt your eyes, especially if your eye color is light – that means you have less protective pigment around your iris. Wear sunglasses!

Here are a list of videos you can watch to learn make your family safer from accidental burns in your home.

Kitchen Burn Prevention


Fireplace Burn Prevention


BBQ Burn Prevention


Bathtub Burn Prevention

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