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Volunteer Parents

Working with MySafe:LA is fulfilling and your kids will be very proud of you, too!

parents volunteer

MySafe:LA is a California Public Charity. We cover operating costs through public and private grants as well as private donations from foundations and individuals. We have a very small number of paid employees, which means many of our education programs and other critical work are provided by volunteers.

We LOVE our volunteers. We don’t know of another group better trained or more committed. All of our volunteers are certified in specific skill sets whether they’re sworn members of professional fire departments, nationally registered Emergency Medical Technicians, or CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) Level 3 responders.

We are currently looking for help with:

  • Designing online safety courses for children and their families
  • Delivering safety education programs to elementary school children
  • Delivering safety education programs to older adults
  • Delivering safety education programs to neighborhood and community organizations
  • Administrative, organization and clerical duties
  • Media production assistants

If you’re interested in volunteering, contact us at volunteer @ mysafela dot org

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