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Dial 9-1-1

Know what to say when you call, so help will get to you faster

sign saying call 911

It seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Dialing 911. Isn’t it as easy as picking up a phone and pressing the buttons 9, 1 and 1? Turns out there’s more to know about making that phone call.

Watch this short film to find out what you need to know when you call for emergency help.


Do you have a mobile phone? We hope you do. They are not only convenient, but an excellent safety device. Having a way to communicate with your family, caregiver, or emergency help at all times, no matter where you are, is important. And safe! If you get a mobile phone that has a GPS tracking feature, emergency help can find you, even if you can’t communicate on your mobile device.

Keep in mind, if you call 911 from your mobile phone, most 911 dispatchers can’t triangulate your position on a mobile phone the way they can on a landline. This is where situational awareness is so crucial. Always know where you are, and be aware of the exact address, or a landmark that will help first responders find you.

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