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A slide from the food delivery presentation from MySafe:LA

MySafe:LA Serves Up Food Delivery Safety Webinar Series

MySafe:LA has been sharing online webinars for people delivering food to those in need throughout Los Angeles. The webinar, designed by MySafe:LA paramedic Christopher Kerbrat and Board Member William Whitney highlights a “day in the life” of a food service delivery person during the current COVID-19 pandemic. “With stay at home orders, there are literally thousands of people receiving food on a daily basis in Los Angeles,” said David Barrett, Executive Officer of MySafe:LA. “The people who deliver the food are on the front lines relative to potential exposure, and this webinar is designed to help them reduce the risks, while ensure that people who are hungry get fed.”

The webinar is typically delivered on Fridays at 1PM, lasts approximately 30 minutes, and includes a question and answer session. For additional information, please visit the webinar section of the MySafe:LA website.

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