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Community leaders supporting fire and life safety

FireHouse:50 accepting awards with big smiles

The FireHouse:50 is an exclusive group of individuals who believe in supporting fire and life safety education in the greater Los Angeles region. These generous and community-minded leaders support the general fund of MySafe:LA.

Membership is limited to 50 individuals.

The founding members were recently honored for their commitment at an event held in Beverly Hills, California. Hosted by the organizing/founding member, Bruce Meyer, a group of individuals came together to celebrate the important work done by MySafe:LA during the recent past. MySafe:LA Executive Officer David Barrett noted the importance of the group, saying, “Every year, on average 20 people die in house fires in Los Angeles. Our core mission is to reduce those numbers, especially as they always involve a mix of children and older adults. The FireHouse:50 is critical to our survival and to the programs we deliver.

If you’d like to explore the potential for becoming an exclusive member of the FireHouse:50, please feel free to call us at:

213.634.0100 ext 7 (ask for William Whitney)

or via email:


FireHouse:50 members include:

Bruce Meyer
real estate entrepreneur and automobile collector

William Ahmanson
President, the Ahmanson Foundation

Peter Mullin
financial services entrepreneur and automobile collector

William Bamattre
Fire Chief, Los Angeles City Fire Department, ret.

Dr. George Rajacich
Physician, technology entrepreneur, and public safety advocate

William Whitney
executive search expert, CERT coordinator, MySafe:LA professional development executive

Nelson Rising
Chairman and CEO of Rising Realty Partners

J.C. Massar
Financial Services entrepreneur

Michael Fourticq
Managing Partner, Hancock Park Associates

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