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Escaping House Fires – “Get low and go!”

Introducing Ben and his dog Franklin

We’d like to introduce you to Ben and his dog Franklin. When Ben isn’t in school, he and Franklin are active in sharing stories about fire safety. One of the most important messages is to know how to “get low and go.” 
If there is a fire in your house, your working smoke alarm may be what alerts you, especially if the fire starts in the middle of the night, when everyone is sleeping. Remember, a working smoke alarm will double your chances of escaping a fire in your home. 
The trick is to know what to do if your smoke alarm sounds and the proper and safe way to get out of your home. The most dangerous immediate threat is probably going to be smoke. Smoke from a fire is very dangerous – it can kill you. We have a saying at MySafe:LA — Burn burns. Smoke kills™ — and that means you need to do all you can to avoid breathing dangerous fumes. 
Check out this short, fun video created with Ben and Franklin. 
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