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Disaster Planning


Know the steps to take

MySafe:LA will assist with training your staff

Preparing for and understanding how to recover from a disaster is one of the most important security endeavors any organization can undertake. Knowing the steps to take, and how to ensure a quality result requires a wide array of expertise.
MySafe:LA (a unit of the Safe Community Project) develops detailed disaster preparedness/emergency response plans for museums, large and mid-size corporations, and non-profit organizations.
A disaster plan includes a series of written policies, procedures, and preparedness steps that may prevent or mitigate damage from disasters, including both natural and man-made. Understanding how your organization will care for its staff, visitors/clientele, and property is a vital undertaking in today’s complex world.
MySafe:LA brings a wealth of expertise to any organization interested in having a quality, procedure specific disaster plan. Our combined expertise in fire, earthquake, flood, and other disasters brings confidence and comfort to the entities we engage with.

When you bring our team on board, you get decades of fire officer, inspector, training, and documentation experience. Each plan is tailored to the organization’s specific circumstances, and facilities. The plan will cover all relevant threats or risks to the organization, its intellectual and physical properties, and its people. Specific steps on recovering from most disasters are detailed, as are the responsibilities of each involved party, ranging from staff to local first responders and vendors.

Looking beyond the plan itself, MySafe:LA will assist with training your staff, and will develop live and tabletop drills to ensure readiness for many possible threat situations.

To learn more about the development of a plan, please call us today at 213-634-0100, or reach out via our contact page.
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