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CPR Training

Don’t be afraid!


We’re teaching in schools, at events, and across the city

Even elementary age children can learn CPR

Today, learning CPR is not only easy, it’s an essential skill for anyone living around other people. There’s no doubt: Hands-Only CPR Can Save Lives.

People who experience sudden cardiac arrest often die because they don’t receive immediate CPR from someone close by who can extend their chances of survival. If you witness someone who may be experiencing cardiac arrest, you can do something. Don’t be afraid!

Today, hand’s only CPR is exactly that: hands only. There are no respirations (breathing from your mouth into the patient’s mouth). It’s easy, but you need to learn what the process is.

MySafe:LA is teaching students and adults this vital and easy to learn skill. Our EMT’s and educators have all been through first responder CPR training, and we’re experienced in the classroom as well.


MySafe:LA not only teaches CPR, but we educate local and national media about its importance as well.

We provide high quality learning dummies so you can discover not only how easy it is to learn, but the right way to provide compressions, thereby potentially saving a life.

Once you’ve completed your course with us, MySafe:LA encourages you to download and register yourself with the fantastic smartphone app called PulsePoint.

To download PulsePoint for your smartphone, click here: Download PulsePoint

Learn about MySafe:LA and the LAFD teaching hands only CPR in High Schools

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