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Fire Safety during COVID-19

The threat from fire doesn’t diminish during a pandemic.

MySafe:LA and LAFD members pose wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Even though more people are working from home, staying home for their health, or using “at home” learning for their education, the many risks related to fire haven’t gone away. 

In Los Angeles, the number of fatalities in 2020 are slightly up from last year. The number of structure fire responses citywide are also elevated over the previous year. 

MySafe:LA is committed to building a more resilient Los Angeles. That means continuing to help families throughout the city to be safer from the threat of fire, even during an international pandemic. 

What's New? What's Different?

Our public safety teams are visiting homes in at-risk areas throughout Los Angeles. We’ve taken steps to ensure the safety of those we visit, as well as for our members, and for our Los Angeles City Fire Department partners as well. 

MySafe:LA public safety members visit homes during COVID-19

All of our people wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to create a barrier that limits transmission of things that can make someone ill, including the virus that results in COVID-19. 

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That means our public safety officers use masks – they’ve been proven via many studies to reduce the threat from transmitting a virus like the coronavirus. They also have protective gloves, eyewear, and disinfectant for shoes and boots. 

When we canvass a neighborhood, we have developed a new “socially appropriate” kit for every home we come in contact with. These kits are all new, and take our fire safety education and awareness efforts to a new level of support. Each kit includes:

  • FireSmart:LA fire safety brochure
  • Family Escape Plan
  • HELP! / I’m OK placard 
  • Older Adult life safety brochure
  • Pet safety brochure
  • Smoke alarm pledge form (a pledge to have working smoke alarms in your home)

All of these items are included a a durable, wearable emergency GO bag that can be used if the need to evacuate in a hurry ever occurs. 

We also provide FREE smoke alarms and FREE CO Detectors to any family that needs them.  It’s estimated that more than 200,000 homes in the Los Angeles area do not have any functional smoke alarms. An additional 225,000 homes have non-functional or out of date smoke alarms. MySafe:LA is working to change those numbers, and to drive fire injuries and fatalities down. 

MySafe:LA member talks to homeowner

A working smoke alarm can double your chance of escaping a house fire with your life. 

Remember: MySafe:LA wants you and your family to be safe from the threat of fire. That means having working smoke alarms, an escape plan that you understand and can follow, a safe place to meet outdoors, a place to go if you ever evacuate your home, and a good understanding of what to look for in your home that might present a fire safety hazard. 

If you need new 10-year sealed smoke alarms, don’t hesitate to reach out. 


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